Q: What was the inspiration behind SOD?

A: Having been born into a ultra conservative totally dysfunctional  Latin Catholic family and fed to believe a woman’s place should be at home procreating and supporting her spouse and put aside my own sexual desires and wants I was constantly rebeling, until I decided to brake free from the traditional Latin way of thinking and moved forward towards my own sexual exploration. It was then I stumbled upon the world of bdsm which embraced my uniqueness  and kink styles and realized it is my mission to be the Segway for individuals to dig deep into finding their own happiness and help people feel comfortable in their own skin and live out their desires with their partners or alone.

Q: Who is the typical person at SOD?

A: There is no typical person or persons  who arranges a consultation and or who continues to explore their sexual desires. I consult with single and partnered individual(s) from a diverse multiethnic and various social economic background from the elite of society, middle class, to college students.

Q. Is it normal for kinky desires to play out in my head?

A. I absolutely think yes by nature all people are naturally sexually curious and the mind is infinite with ideas.

Q. What makes SOD stand out from other places like swingers clubs, dungeons, or seeking out independent Mistress’ or escorts?

A. I am a open minded lifestyle/professional dominatrix, and I bring to you and or your partner the many years of my wealth of knowledge as someone who was strong enough to brake free from the invisible chains that society and family has tried to create in order to suppress our natural sexual desires. I encourage all to verbalize their desires, realize it’s ok to do so, and most importantly play out in realtime  those thoughts that have been suppressed in their mind.

Q. Does SOD guarantee all role plays and fantasies will be played out to my specifications?

A. All efforts will be made unless request for actual  minor children and animals is desired? I require all participants are of legal age and consent to all playtime request.

Q. Where are you located?

A. In order to provide discretion to all participating in any session or monthly mixers the location fluctuates in selected locations throughout downtown Manhattan and will be provided once a deposit has been provided 48 hours prior to a consultation or mixer. There are absolutely no refunds and their is no exception to this policy.