So you think you are ready to step up your game and get your kink on with your partner?

Before you spend a lot of money, I have selected my personal top ten quintessential BDSM items that can be purchased at your local dollar store.

1. Dog Collar – Go directly to pet supply section and let your pet know who their owner is by collaring your property. While in that aisle don’t forget your new pets leash.

2. Zip ties – They immobilize your partner I think better then hand cuffs.

3. Wooden Clothes pins – They are amazing for first timers experimenting with Nipple Torture.

4. Metal Clamps – Those bad boys are especially painful for those insubordinate subs and can serve for not only nipples but clits as well.

5. Garlic Presser – Add some balls and squeeze away.

6. Rope – Why go to a hardware store when you can get multi lengths of rope and tie away.

7. Tea Candles – Hot wax play always fun.

8. Feathers РYes every dollar store has there arts and crafts section  and well everyone can use feathers for some good tickle torture.

9. Belts – Every new property needs to be whipped into shape.

10. Funnels – This is one of my favorite must haves to add to your inventory. I think it’s essential to ensure your sub swallows every drip of your golden nectar.

I offer S&M 101 training on using these top ten items as well as other additional items from your dollar store. Contact me to arrange your initial training.

Mistress Divina will be visiting London from the 6-10th of September 2017. I will be taking a limited number of sessions. Session bookings must be made in advance by calling +1 (929) 241-8904 or emailing